GRIT Awarded Peacemaker Award

Last fall’s release of GRIT resulted in the highest sales since my publisher, Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc., began publishing and selling my novels.  GRIT has since become the gift that keeps on giving.  On May 15 Western Fictioneers announced that GRIT was one of five finalists for the Peacemaker Award for Best Western Novel of 2018.  It was also gratifying that PEYOTE SPIRITS, my Law Wranglers novella, was selected as a finalist for Best Short Fiction.

On June 15 WF announced that GRIT was the Peacemaker Award winner for the best novel category.  This was exciting news for author and publisher, as well as for others involved in preparing the book for publication under the publisher’s Uplands Press imprint.

My historical western novel, CUT NOSE, was released late May and has been selling well, although not yet reaching GRIT’S benchmark figures.  This is my longest novel, and I consider it my best work, although some readers prefer more fiction and less history.  Initial reviews are very encouraging, however, and I hope I have struck a balance that will keep readers turning pages.

My next two novels will be a continuation of our popular Law Wranglers series.  The second book is still vegetating but I have a nice start on the first, tentatively titled ADAM’S FIRST WIFE.  I expect that book’s release the end of July or early August with the second to follow about two months later.

Thanks to all for your support and interest.

Best wishes and good reading.



I’m pleased to let you know my latest novel, Cut Nose, is now available on Most of my readers know that I enjoy salting my western novels with a fair amount of history. This book is nearer to a historical novel flavored with the Old West. The story is about the Dakota War of 1862, and the title character, Cut Nose, was a Sioux warrior and leader of the Soldiers Lodge that initiated an uprising that resulted in more white deaths than any Indian war in history. The end of the war found another record set that stands today-—the largest mass execution.

The violence in parts of the novel is a bit graphic, but I found myself toning it down some from the actual events. Many of the characters are historical figures, but the male and female protagonists, through whose eyes the story unfolds, grew from my imagination (aside from Cut Nose). As usual, the novel is spiced with romance and features women who refuse to be victims of their gender.

Consisting of nearly 85,000 words, Cut Nose is by far the longest novel I have written. It required more research than any, and I hope I have been able to work in the fictional characters in a way that does not distort history. I like to think readers will learn about a chapter in history that may be new to them. And, if it’s old stuff to you, perhaps, you will still enjoy the adventure. As you may have guessed, I am excited about this novel. Hopefully, the reader will be also.

I have already started my next novel, hoping for a mid-summer release. This will be a return to our commercially successful Law Wrangler series. Many of your series friends will have cameo roles here, but featured characters will be Danna Sinclair, Tabitha Rivers and Oliver Wolf (White Wolf). I take pride in writing “non-traditional” western novels and anticipate this one will fit in that category. The working title is Adam’s First Wife. Maybe that will pique your interest.

Thanks so much for your support of my work.

Best wishes and good reading,


New Locke Book, Hell's Fire, Now Available!

Hell's Fire, a new novel featuring the Locke family, is now available on Amazon. This book includes many of the characters from my Medicine Wheel novel and features physician/veterinarian Thad Locke and “Crazy Kirsten” Cavelle. The novel is a stand-alone story, but a reading of Medicine Wheel first might enhance enjoyment.

The town of Medicine Wheel’s volunteer fire brigade and its Dalmatian dog play major roles in the action segments, and the reader may find this a different kind of Western—always one of my goals. The working title of Hell's Fire was Curse of the Kaw, but I do not write from an outline, and the curse failed to appear as the words added up. As the title implies, fire replaced the curse.

I have a nice start on my next novel, Cut Nose, a historical frontier story based on the Dakota War of 1862. Expect this one to be loaded with action and suspense. I think readers who enjoyed Grit and books from the Law Wranglers series will especially like this one. I expect this book to be my longest novel to date. I hope for release by late April or early May.

Book 5 of the Law Wranglers series should be next up after Cut Nose, probably for release mid-summer. 

Thanks for your interest.
Good reading,
Ron Schwab

P. S. Occasionally readers ask about the availability of my novels as audiobooks. I'm pleased to announce that Tantor Media is releasing the Coyote Saga as audiobooks over the next couple of months. Night of the Coyoteis available now. Return of the Coyote and Twilight of the Coyote will follow later this month and in March.

New Book(s) on the Horizon

In recent reviews of some of my novels on Amazon, several readers have asked whether more books in the Law Wranglers series will be forthcoming.  Be assured that there will be more novels in the series. This series has treated me too well to be abandoned. I anticipate completion and release of another full-length Law Wranglers book in April or May.

I am presently working on another novel in the Locke Family Saga. It is tentatively titled CURSE OF THE KAW, but I suspect that will be changed before release in late December or early January.  This is a stand alone novel but will feature characters from MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL.

Before the Law Wranglers book, I expect to finish CUT NOSE. This is a historical/western novel about the Dakota War of 1862 that took place near Mankato, Minnesota. This was a horrifying and fascinating event in American history and not a lot has been written about it. Readers who enjoyed GRIT and the Comanche Sunset books of the Law Wranglers series should find this novel exciting and interesting---at least that’s my hope.

Speaking of GRIT, this novel has been our most successful book commercially and has drawn many readers to my other titles.  GRIT was the best-selling book in Amazon’s Western Classics division for over a month and led other categories at various times. I did not personally consider GRIT my best work, but fortunately, many western readers disagreed and made this what some might call a “break-out” book. I can’t thank my readers enough for their support of my writing efforts.

Special thanks also to my publisher, Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc., now printing my novels under the Uplands Press imprint for paving the way to putting my books in front of more readers.

Best wishes and good reading.


New Novel, GRIT, Just Released

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest novel, GRIT. This book is set in southwest Texas during the Comanche wars, which readers have likely guessed is historically one of my favorite subjects. The male protagonist is a school teacher, and the female counterpart is a woman whose twin sister was abducted by Comanche 14 years earlier.

GRIT is what some western writers call a ‘search novel,’ but I hope I have produced some very different twists. Sorry, you will need to buy the book to see if I have been successful.
Our recently published novella, PEYOTE SPIRITS, has enjoyed consistent sales and received favorable reviews. I do not expect to write short works regularly but will likely do another between novels sometime in 2019.
I have started my next novel, tentatively titled CURSE OF THE KAW. This may be changed, because I do not write from an outline, and sometimes my story goes a direction I had not even thought about. I can tell you it will be set in the Kansas Flint Hills and will involve some of the Locke family members from MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL. I have only written 3000 words of a 70,000-word novel, so you know about as much about the story as I do at this point. We hope to have this completed and released by late November or early December.
A reminder: My readers can help us tremendously by posting a brief book rating and review on Amazon. This response has a bearing on how much promotion our books receive.
Thanks for your interest.
Good reading,
Ron Schwab

New Law Wranglers Book Released

Today, my publisher released a new Law Wranglers novella (about half the words of a full-length novel) titled Peyote Spirits. This can be enjoyed, as can Summer’s Child, without reading others in the series. The novella is an experiment of sorts. The characters from the Law Wranglers novels offer opportunities for many shorter writing adventures, and readership will determine the fate of future novellas. The novella’s protagonists are Jael Chernik Rivers a/k/a She Who Speaks and her, husband, Josh Rivers, who are involved in something of a murder/mystery at Fort Sill in Indian Territory.

The first three books of the Law Wranglers series are now being published and packaged as a trilogy titled Comanche Sunset. These books, unlike others in the Law Wranglers series, are best read in sequence starting with Deal with the Devil, then Mouth of Hell and, finally, The Last HuntThose who have read the books may wish to make friends aware of that from tomorrow (7/19) through next Wednesday (7/25), Comanche Sunset will be available for $0.99.

Twilight of the Coyote, which was released in late spring, has received nice reviews and ratings at both Amazon and Goodreads. While this novel features descendants from the protagonists of Night of the Coyote and Return of the Coyote, it is essentially a stand-alone book. Readers of the earlier books, however, should enjoy appearances by much older Ethan Ramsey and Skye dePaul.

The next thing on my plate is to finish writing a new stand-alone western with the working title, Grit. I am very enthused about this project and hope to see the book published and released by early September.

Best wishes and good reading.
Ron Schwab

Twilight of the Coyote Now Available!

My latest novel, Twilight of the Coyote, is now available for Kindle on Amazon. There was something of a struggle with titling this novel, as it had previously been referred to as The President and the Cowgirl and Legacy of the Coyote. The late President Calvin Coolidge is a significant character in the story which takes place during his summer-long visit to the Black Hills that year.

Those who have read my Coyote series will find that the grandson of Ethan and Skye Ramsey is the male protagonist. And, yes, Skye and Ethan appear in the storyline fifty years after you first met them. The cowgirl is a new character, and I think readers will love her.

Western readers should enjoy the book, but the storyline also takes the reader to the early days of the FBI (then known as Bureau of Investigation).  I have always been fascinated with the 1920s, and I have loved writing this novel. It’s been great fun. I hope reader response allows me to write other stories from this era.  Twilight has series potential.

My next project will find me returning to the Law Wranglers series, a novella tentatively titled Peyote Spirit. More to come on that in the future.

Best wishes and good reading.


New Release & Current Writing Project

My latest novel, Summer’s Child, is now available on Kindle at Amazon. This is Book 4 of the popular Law Wranglers series. My editors have been quite upbeat about the potential reader reception to this novel, and now we’ll find out if the optimism is justified. The readers rule.

Summer’s Child is set in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, and the plot may be nearer to mystery than traditional Western. I enjoy Westerns of all kinds, but I intentionally try to carve my own Western niche by developing plots that those who read outside the genre might enjoy as well.

In this new release some of the protagonists from previous books will be reduced to cameo roles, but you will learn much more about Levi Rivers, Tabby Rivers and Oliver Wolf. I anticipate a few more additions to this series in 2018, but I am now working on something a little different for January or February release.

My working title for the next novel was originally The President and the Cowgirl. The title has now been changed to Legacy of the Coyote.  Unlike many writers, I like to have a title in mind when I write. I never write from an outline (I don’t know how the story is going to end until the last paragraph is written) A working title seems to help with plot continuity, but my words may lead me to yet another title before release of the book.

Legacy of the Coyote is set in the 1920s. The male protagonist is Trey Ramsey, grandson of Ethan Ramsey and Skye dePaul from Night of the Coyote and Return of the Coyote. And, yes, Skye and Ethan are still vital and living, although their lives have not been free of tragedy. Ethan and Skye are friends of President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, who also have important roles in this novel set in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I am having more fun with this novel than any I have written to date. Whether this translates into pleasure for my readers remains to be seen. I certainly hope so.

Best wishes and good reading.


Summer's Child

I am pleased to report that Book #4 of the Law Wranglers series is now available for pre-order on It is now in its final editing and production stages and will be officially released on November 9th.

The novel is entitled Summer’s Child, and while it includes appearances by most of your old friends from the series, Tabitha Rivers and Oliver Wolf are the featured characters. The story is set in Santa Fe and the mountains north, and the plot includes elements of a mystery. I have received encouraging reports from initial readers of the manuscript, so I am hopeful other readers will enjoy this book.

The previous book in the series, The Last Hunt, has been ranked in the top 10 of Amazon’s western classic sales for two months now, after a very brief visit to the #1 spot. Amazon reviews and ratings of the novel have been very gratifying. Any who are so inclined can help promotion of my novels by going to my author page on Amazon ( and rating the books. (Five stars are highest).

I am writing full-time now, and I have promised my publisher I will produce four or five books annually, so we expect to announce new titles more frequently. My next project will be a stand-alone book. The working title is The President and the Cowgirl. The final titles on my last two novels were different than the working titles, so we’ll see. We are hoping for a January release on this book.

Best wishes and good reading.


The Last Hunt

I am pleased to report that my latest novel, The Last Hunt is now available as an ebook on Amazon. Print publication will follow in the coming weeks.

The working title for this book was initially Dismal Trail, but I changed the title after finishing the project. This is Book 3 of the Law Wrangler series, and I think of it as more a historical novel than a traditional western. I hope my readers will enjoy reading this one as much as I have writing it.

I have now started Book 4, tentatively titled Wolf. Some of the characters featured in the first three books will be reduced to cameo roles in Book 4, but they will make future appearances as protagonists if the series retains its readers. I will likely give Quanah Parker a break in Book 4, but he led a life that can be mined for many stories yet.

Regardless, I do not write from an outline, so I often find myself surprised during the process of writing a novel at the roles characters assume.     

Good reading,


The Coyote Saga

Return of the Coyote, billed as the sequel to Night of the Coyote, must have set a record for the longest time span between a novel and its sequel. On second thought, it probably doesn’t surpass the recent sequel to Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

I wrote Night of the Coyote over 35 years ago during my early efforts to establish a career as a novelist. The book was well received despite its failure to find a publisher before I took a long hiatus from publishing efforts. A New York agent was negotiating with a major paperback publisher and died before finalizing a contract. A second agent thought the novel had promise and had an editor at Walker, western hardcover publisher, sold on the book. I even made a few changes at the editor’s request, before my agent informed me the editor had taken a job at another firm that did not publish westerns. It seemed the book was cursed. Thereafter, I put the novel to bed and shifted to the realities of making a living at my day job. When new publication opportunities arose years later, Night of the Coyote was ready to head out the gate. My few readers at the time seemed to like it, and my daughter-in-law, Brooke, showed great enthusiasm and asked when the sequel would be out. At that time, I had always thought of Night as a stand-alone book. I assumed all the readers knew I intended for Skye and Ethan to get together. I impulsively promised Brooke there would be a sequel, though, and felt committed to do it. Fortunately, other readers asked the same question and got the same assurance.

Thus, it took Sky dePaul and Ethan Ramsey over 35 years to reunite. I truly thought this would satisfy everybody. It evidently did not. Many readers have asked about the next sequel. I expect there will be one, but, with other projects in the works, I cannot say when. I promise I won’t wait another 35 years though.

Good reading,


The Coyote Saga and Law Wrangler News

April has been an exciting month so far. Return of the Coyote has garnered sales far exceeding anything I had imagined. Today, this novel will complete three consecutive weeks as #1 best seller in Amazon Western Classics. It has also been as high as #2 or #3 in several other categories.

Not to be outdone by the sequel, Night of the Coyote has enjoyed a revival which carried that book to as high as #3 in Western Classics over the past few days.

Thanks to all our readers for their support.

I am currently working on Dismal Trail, Book 3 of the Law Wrangler series. While I look for the series to continue indefinitely, this will complete what I think of as a trilogy about the last days of the Comanche wars. I expect to finish my part mid-May, but some editors and my publisher will need to do some work, so the book will probably not be available to readers until the middle of summer.  

I am pleased to report that I am now writing full-time and enjoying it immensely. This will enable me to increase my production considerably. I am thinking in terms of a minimum of four novels a year. How great to have a no-stress job, have fun and make a few bucks in the process.

Good Reading.    


Return of the Coyote

My latest novel was released on ebook on Amazon today (the print book should be available in a couple weeks). Many readers have asked about a sequel to Night of the Coyote, suggesting they were left hanging about the futures of Skye dePaul and Ethan Ramsey, the protagonists. Whether the reader likes the outcome or not, the answer will found in Return of the Coyote.

This will be a wide-ranging novel with lots of action, some tragedy and, of course, a bit of romance. Is it a good novel? I’ll let my readers decide. I’m a terrible judge of my own work.

I am presently working on Dismal Trail, the third book of the Law Wrangler series, which I hope to have out in early summer. While I expect to continue this series indefinitely, I think of this book as the final one of a trilogy featuring the end of the Comanche wars with Quanah Parker and the last of the holdout Kwahadi. I’m having fun with this one, and I hope this is reflected in the product.

I anticipate having two or three additional Law Wrangler books out in 2017. This is the year I transition to full-time writing, and I look forward to writing many novels in the months and years ahead.

I have one final self-serving note. If you enjoy my novels, a review on Amazon is very helpful and appreciated.

Good reading,


The Law Wranglers

October and November were exciting months for the new Law Wrangler series. Book 1, Deal with the Devil, was released on October 2nd and quickly climbed to or near the top of the sales charts in various Western categories on Amazon. Book 2, Mouth of Hell, was released on November 18th and seems to be benefitting from readers who enjoyed the first book. Both books are available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

My sincere thanks to all my readers, who not only make these sales possible, but give me the satisfaction of knowing, as I write, there will be at least a few folks looking forward to the next book. I also want to express my special appreciation to the persons who take the time to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

I have had readers ask when there will be more of the Law Wranglers series. I am currently working on Return of the Coyote, sequel to Night of the Coyote. This book should be released early in 2017. After that will come two or three more Law Wranglers books, and, later in 2017, I hope to revisit the Locke family from Last Wheel and Medicine Wheel.

Good reading and best wishes.


Deal with the Devil (and more)

My reading tastes run to the less traditional and offbeat western novels. A fellow member of Western Fictioneers recently recommended THE WHIP by Karen Kondazian. I read it, and thoroughly enjoyed the novel. I was unaware before I read the book that a stagecoach driver in the Old West was often called a “whip,” thus the book title.    

The novel was inspired by Charley Parkhurst, a famous stagecoach whip on the West Coast, although the narrative appears to be a largely fictionalized version of the driver’s life. The twist is that upon Charley’s death the world learned that the great whip, unbeknownst to even the driver’s best friends, was a woman. The story essentially runs the span of the whip’s life, and it held my interest from beginning to end. It’s a dark tale, but if you like a novel that’s not just a shoot ‘em up western, you might find this book worth a visit. The novel won the Best Western 2013 International Book Award and earned other honors.             

On a personal note, I’m pleased to announce that the first novel from my Law Wranglers series, DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, is now available on Kindle and should be available in trade paperback on Amazon and other retailers in a few weeks. Book two, MOUTH OF HELL, should be published in November. Santa Fe and the Southwest will be the setting of these books, and, as usual, I try to mix in a bit of history. The early books center on the last days of the Comanche and famed war chief, Quanah Parker.

Some of my readers have asked about the sequel to NIGHT OF THE COYOTE. I am working diligently on RETURN OF THE COYOTE and hope to see it released in early 2017


New Western Series

The first book in the upcoming Law Wranglers series should be released in September. Titled DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, this book will be set in the Southwest and Comanche country. Much of the action also takes place in Santa Fe, where sort of a stock company of characters is, more or less, located. This series should interest the readers of more traditional westerns, but I hope characters and plots will still attract many non-genre readers. The second book in the series, MOUTH OF HELL, should be out in October.

Many fans of NIGHT OF THE COYOTE have asked for a sequel. Based on Amazon ratings for the first book, I fear this is going to be a tough act to follow. I am forging ahead, however, and have written the first paragraph of RETURN OF THE COYOTE. My publisher, Poor Coyote Press (an imprint of Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc.) hopes to have the novel in publication by Christmas. That means the author better get to work.

Finally, it has been exciting to watch our novels move up on the Kindle sales charts this summer. MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL took turns at various times at number three on the "Western Fiction Classics" and "Classic Historical Fiction" charts and have consistently been in the top 10, with NIGHT OF THE COYOTE nearly always in the teens. Several times we have seen PAINT THE HILLS RED and SIOUX SUNRISE join these books in the top 25 in these categories. Thanks to all of our readers who have made this possible.


A New Book and Some Exciting News

It has been a few months since I’ve posted any news or commentary. I promise to do better.

New Release

There have been some exciting developments the past few days that my readers may be interested in hearing about. First, I am pleased to announce that my newest novel, Medicine Wheel, should be released and available in both print and electronic editions by the end of May. This novel is set in the Kansas Flint Hills in the Manhattan area and represents a more ambitious undertaking than my previous work. The book is longer, and the plot more complex.

For those who read Last Will, you will meet more of the Locke family, and, although the Locke lawyers play roles, the protagonist Locke is a veterinarian, who brings another dimension to the book. I think you are going to find an interesting and diverse cast of characters.

Western Fictioneers Finalist(s)

My publisher, Poor Coyote Press, has received the news that I am a double–nominee for the 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Novel. Night of the Coyote and Last Will are both among the five finalists for the award. The winner will be announced June 15.

The books face tough competition. Other finalists include legendary western writer, Dusty Richards, for A Bride for Gil. Richards has authored over 85 novels, is a previous finalist and has two Spur awards (Western Writers of America) to his credit. Douglas Hirt has been nominated for The Bone Digger. He has authored books in many genres and has twice been a Spur finalist.

Finally, co-authors Mickey Spillane (yes, the late, great writer of the Mike Hammer series) and Max Allan Collins (author of many novels including Road to Perdition, which became a Tom Hanks-Paul Newman movie) have produced Legend of Caleb York. I can only say I am honored and humbled to have my novels considered with those of such distinguished writers.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.


Holiday Greetings

As the year ends, I am pleased to announce the release of two more books. Ghosts Around the Campfire is now available at Amazon in both electronic and trade paperback formats. This is a new edition of a book first released 30 plus years ago–with three or four new stories. The book includes a variety of ghostly and supernatural tales and is suitable for both adults and children. For younger kids, though, parents might wish to review for suitability, if you don’t want to end up with frightened children in your bed at night.

I am delighted to have this book in print again thanks to Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc. I have had many requests for the book in recent years, but they were sold out. I had even given away my personal copy not realizing the lack of availability. This is a great gift for kids or youth group leaders.

Additionally, my newest novel, Last Will, is now available for pre-order in the electronic version at Amazon, and I was just informed the trade paperback edition became available today. This book is the first of what my publisher has tentatively called the Locke Chronicles. Here you will meet lawyer-rancher Ian Locke, and a feisty young female attorney, Casey McGlaun, who, in the course of their adventures should provide a few chuckles amidst intense drama. This book was the most fun to write of my novels to date, and I hope my readers enjoy this novel, too.

Merry Christmas and wishing you a lot of good reading in 2016!


Western Fictioneers Convention

Several weeks ago Bev and I journeyed to St. Louis to attend the first convention of the Western Fictioneers, an organization of published fiction writers whose stories obviously focus on western settings and adventures. The event was loaded with educational and inspirational sessions, and it was a pleasure to be a part of the activities.

We couldn’t help but be a bit star struck to have the opportunity to hear and meet some of the legends in western fiction writing. These included Dusty Richards, who has written over 100 novels and recently sold the movie rights to one, and Robert Vaughn, who has sold over 400 books under his name and 42 pseudonyms. Then there was Robert Randisi, who has written about 620 books in the western, crime and horror genres. As J.R. Roberts, he is the author of The Gunsmith series, producing about one book a month since the early 1980s. It is nothing short of amazing when one thinks about the prolificacy of these writers.

For evening meals we wore our cowboy garb and boots and escaped into the old west for a brief and entertaining time. Meeting such real and down-to-earth people was the greatest bonus.

On the trip home I decided I have a lot of writing to get done before I join the ghost riders in the sky, and I’m looking forward to a productive 2016.


"Real" Books

I occasionally read books on a Kindle or Nook, but I’m an old guy who still likes the feel of a real page-turning book in his hands. Thus, I am delighted to announce that Sioux Sunrise and Night of the Coyote are now available in trade paperback on Amazon. Now it feels like we’re producing REAL books.

My latest novel, Paint the Hills Red, will be available on Amazon as an e-book on Thursday, October 22, and the print edition will be released in early November. Last Will is on the horizon, and we anticipate serialization of some other western fiction works soon.

My wife, Bev, and I will be heading to the Western Fictioneers convention in St. Louis October 30-November 1. We expect to meet a lot of interesting writing types and hope to learn a few things at the wide-ranging sessions scheduled there.