Holiday Greetings

As the year ends, I am pleased to announce the release of two more books. Ghosts Around the Campfire is now available at Amazon in both electronic and trade paperback formats. This is a new edition of a book first released 30 plus years ago–with three or four new stories. The book includes a variety of ghostly and supernatural tales and is suitable for both adults and children. For younger kids, though, parents might wish to review for suitability, if you don’t want to end up with frightened children in your bed at night.

I am delighted to have this book in print again thanks to Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc. I have had many requests for the book in recent years, but they were sold out. I had even given away my personal copy not realizing the lack of availability. This is a great gift for kids or youth group leaders.

Additionally, my newest novel, Last Will, is now available for pre-order in the electronic version at Amazon, and I was just informed the trade paperback edition became available today. This book is the first of what my publisher has tentatively called the Locke Chronicles. Here you will meet lawyer-rancher Ian Locke, and a feisty young female attorney, Casey McGlaun, who, in the course of their adventures should provide a few chuckles amidst intense drama. This book was the most fun to write of my novels to date, and I hope my readers enjoy this novel, too.

Merry Christmas and wishing you a lot of good reading in 2016!