The Law Wranglers

October and November were exciting months for the new Law Wrangler series. Book 1, Deal with the Devil, was released on October 2nd and quickly climbed to or near the top of the sales charts in various Western categories on Amazon. Book 2, Mouth of Hell, was released on November 18th and seems to be benefitting from readers who enjoyed the first book. Both books are available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

My sincere thanks to all my readers, who not only make these sales possible, but give me the satisfaction of knowing, as I write, there will be at least a few folks looking forward to the next book. I also want to express my special appreciation to the persons who take the time to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

I have had readers ask when there will be more of the Law Wranglers series. I am currently working on Return of the Coyote, sequel to Night of the Coyote. This book should be released early in 2017. After that will come two or three more Law Wranglers books, and, later in 2017, I hope to revisit the Locke family from Last Wheel and Medicine Wheel.

Good reading and best wishes.