New Western Series

The first book in the upcoming Law Wranglers series should be released in September. Titled DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, this book will be set in the Southwest and Comanche country. Much of the action also takes place in Santa Fe, where sort of a stock company of characters is, more or less, located. This series should interest the readers of more traditional westerns, but I hope characters and plots will still attract many non-genre readers. The second book in the series, MOUTH OF HELL, should be out in October.

Many fans of NIGHT OF THE COYOTE have asked for a sequel. Based on Amazon ratings for the first book, I fear this is going to be a tough act to follow. I am forging ahead, however, and have written the first paragraph of RETURN OF THE COYOTE. My publisher, Poor Coyote Press (an imprint of Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc.) hopes to have the novel in publication by Christmas. That means the author better get to work.

Finally, it has been exciting to watch our novels move up on the Kindle sales charts this summer. MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL took turns at various times at number three on the "Western Fiction Classics" and "Classic Historical Fiction" charts and have consistently been in the top 10, with NIGHT OF THE COYOTE nearly always in the teens. Several times we have seen PAINT THE HILLS RED and SIOUX SUNRISE join these books in the top 25 in these categories. Thanks to all of our readers who have made this possible.