I’m pleased to let you know my latest novel, Cut Nose, is now available on Most of my readers know that I enjoy salting my western novels with a fair amount of history. This book is nearer to a historical novel flavored with the Old West. The story is about the Dakota War of 1862, and the title character, Cut Nose, was a Sioux warrior and leader of the Soldiers Lodge that initiated an uprising that resulted in more white deaths than any Indian war in history. The end of the war found another record set that stands today-—the largest mass execution.

The violence in parts of the novel is a bit graphic, but I found myself toning it down some from the actual events. Many of the characters are historical figures, but the male and female protagonists, through whose eyes the story unfolds, grew from my imagination (aside from Cut Nose). As usual, the novel is spiced with romance and features women who refuse to be victims of their gender.

Consisting of nearly 85,000 words, Cut Nose is by far the longest novel I have written. It required more research than any, and I hope I have been able to work in the fictional characters in a way that does not distort history. I like to think readers will learn about a chapter in history that may be new to them. And, if it’s old stuff to you, perhaps, you will still enjoy the adventure. As you may have guessed, I am excited about this novel. Hopefully, the reader will be also.

I have already started my next novel, hoping for a mid-summer release. This will be a return to our commercially successful Law Wrangler series. Many of your series friends will have cameo roles here, but featured characters will be Danna Sinclair, Tabitha Rivers and Oliver Wolf (White Wolf). I take pride in writing “non-traditional” western novels and anticipate this one will fit in that category. The working title is Adam’s First Wife. Maybe that will pique your interest.

Thanks so much for your support of my work.

Best wishes and good reading,