I am pleased to announce that my latest novel, Adam’s First Wife, is now available to purchase on This is Book 5 of the popular Law Wranglers series. The reader should find some suspense and action within a plot that has a few unusual twists. You will even learn about “Wulvers.” This novel features many of the Law Wranglers continuing characters with major roles for Oliver Wolf (White Wolf) and three Rivers siblings, Josh, Tabitha and Cal.

Adam’s First Wife will be followed by another Law Wranglers novel, Escape from El Gato, which I am currently working on. While Adam can be read as a standalone book, there are a few loose ends that I felt should be reconciled for loyal readers of the series before moving on to another project. As my readers know, many of my stories deal with conflict between the early settlers and Native Americans. This will be my first visit to the Apache wars. El Gato (Spanish for “The Cat”) is an Apache sub-chief, whom Tabitha Rivers will encounter on a journey to learn of her Navajo relatives.

My publisher, Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc., anticipates release of Escape from El Gato under its Uplands Press imprint sometime during November of this year.

I try to write on a pace that will produce a minimum of four novels annually, so we should have another (title and subject undetermined) out early in 2020.

Thanks to all my readers for their interest in my novels. I try very hard not to let you down.

Best wishes and good reading.