Summer's Child

I am pleased to report that Book #4 of the Law Wranglers series is now available for pre-order on It is now in its final editing and production stages and will be officially released on November 9th.

The novel is entitled Summer’s Child, and while it includes appearances by most of your old friends from the series, Tabitha Rivers and Oliver Wolf are the featured characters. The story is set in Santa Fe and the mountains north, and the plot includes elements of a mystery. I have received encouraging reports from initial readers of the manuscript, so I am hopeful other readers will enjoy this book.

The previous book in the series, The Last Hunt, has been ranked in the top 10 of Amazon’s western classic sales for two months now, after a very brief visit to the #1 spot. Amazon reviews and ratings of the novel have been very gratifying. Any who are so inclined can help promotion of my novels by going to my author page on Amazon ( and rating the books. (Five stars are highest).

I am writing full-time now, and I have promised my publisher I will produce four or five books annually, so we expect to announce new titles more frequently. My next project will be a stand-alone book. The working title is The President and the Cowgirl. The final titles on my last two novels were different than the working titles, so we’ll see. We are hoping for a January release on this book.

Best wishes and good reading.