New Release & Current Writing Project

My latest novel, Summer’s Child, is now available on Kindle at Amazon. This is Book 4 of the popular Law Wranglers series. My editors have been quite upbeat about the potential reader reception to this novel, and now we’ll find out if the optimism is justified. The readers rule.

Summer’s Child is set in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, and the plot may be nearer to mystery than traditional Western. I enjoy Westerns of all kinds, but I intentionally try to carve my own Western niche by developing plots that those who read outside the genre might enjoy as well.

In this new release some of the protagonists from previous books will be reduced to cameo roles, but you will learn much more about Levi Rivers, Tabby Rivers and Oliver Wolf. I anticipate a few more additions to this series in 2018, but I am now working on something a little different for January or February release.

My working title for the next novel was originally The President and the Cowgirl. The title has now been changed to Legacy of the Coyote.  Unlike many writers, I like to have a title in mind when I write. I never write from an outline (I don’t know how the story is going to end until the last paragraph is written) A working title seems to help with plot continuity, but my words may lead me to yet another title before release of the book.

Legacy of the Coyote is set in the 1920s. The male protagonist is Trey Ramsey, grandson of Ethan Ramsey and Skye dePaul from Night of the Coyote and Return of the Coyote. And, yes, Skye and Ethan are still vital and living, although their lives have not been free of tragedy. Ethan and Skye are friends of President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, who also have important roles in this novel set in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I am having more fun with this novel than any I have written to date. Whether this translates into pleasure for my readers remains to be seen. I certainly hope so.

Best wishes and good reading.