Twilight of the Coyote Now Available!

My latest novel, Twilight of the Coyote, is now available for Kindle on Amazon. There was something of a struggle with titling this novel, as it had previously been referred to as The President and the Cowgirl and Legacy of the Coyote. The late President Calvin Coolidge is a significant character in the story which takes place during his summer-long visit to the Black Hills that year.

Those who have read my Coyote series will find that the grandson of Ethan and Skye Ramsey is the male protagonist. And, yes, Skye and Ethan appear in the storyline fifty years after you first met them. The cowgirl is a new character, and I think readers will love her.

Western readers should enjoy the book, but the storyline also takes the reader to the early days of the FBI (then known as Bureau of Investigation).  I have always been fascinated with the 1920s, and I have loved writing this novel. It’s been great fun. I hope reader response allows me to write other stories from this era.  Twilight has series potential.

My next project will find me returning to the Law Wranglers series, a novella tentatively titled Peyote Spirit. More to come on that in the future.

Best wishes and good reading.