New Law Wranglers Book Released

Today, my publisher released a new Law Wranglers novella (about half the words of a full-length novel) titled Peyote Spirits. This can be enjoyed, as can Summer’s Child, without reading others in the series. The novella is an experiment of sorts. The characters from the Law Wranglers novels offer opportunities for many shorter writing adventures, and readership will determine the fate of future novellas. The novella’s protagonists are Jael Chernik Rivers a/k/a She Who Speaks and her, husband, Josh Rivers, who are involved in something of a murder/mystery at Fort Sill in Indian Territory.

The first three books of the Law Wranglers series are now being published and packaged as a trilogy titled Comanche Sunset. These books, unlike others in the Law Wranglers series, are best read in sequence starting with Deal with the Devil, then Mouth of Hell and, finally, The Last HuntThose who have read the books may wish to make friends aware of that from tomorrow (7/19) through next Wednesday (7/25), Comanche Sunset will be available for $0.99.

Twilight of the Coyote, which was released in late spring, has received nice reviews and ratings at both Amazon and Goodreads. While this novel features descendants from the protagonists of Night of the Coyote and Return of the Coyote, it is essentially a stand-alone book. Readers of the earlier books, however, should enjoy appearances by much older Ethan Ramsey and Skye dePaul.

The next thing on my plate is to finish writing a new stand-alone western with the working title, Grit. I am very enthused about this project and hope to see the book published and released by early September.

Best wishes and good reading.
Ron Schwab