New Novel, GRIT, Just Released

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest novel, GRIT. This book is set in southwest Texas during the Comanche wars, which readers have likely guessed is historically one of my favorite subjects. The male protagonist is a school teacher, and the female counterpart is a woman whose twin sister was abducted by Comanche 14 years earlier.

GRIT is what some western writers call a ‘search novel,’ but I hope I have produced some very different twists. Sorry, you will need to buy the book to see if I have been successful.
Our recently published novella, PEYOTE SPIRITS, has enjoyed consistent sales and received favorable reviews. I do not expect to write short works regularly but will likely do another between novels sometime in 2019.
I have started my next novel, tentatively titled CURSE OF THE KAW. This may be changed, because I do not write from an outline, and sometimes my story goes a direction I had not even thought about. I can tell you it will be set in the Kansas Flint Hills and will involve some of the Locke family members from MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL. I have only written 3000 words of a 70,000-word novel, so you know about as much about the story as I do at this point. We hope to have this completed and released by late November or early December.
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Thanks for your interest.
Good reading,
Ron Schwab