New Book(s) on the Horizon

In recent reviews of some of my novels on Amazon, several readers have asked whether more books in the Law Wranglers series will be forthcoming.  Be assured that there will be more novels in the series. This series has treated me too well to be abandoned. I anticipate completion and release of another full-length Law Wranglers book in April or May.

I am presently working on another novel in the Locke Family Saga. It is tentatively titled CURSE OF THE KAW, but I suspect that will be changed before release in late December or early January.  This is a stand alone novel but will feature characters from MEDICINE WHEEL and LAST WILL.

Before the Law Wranglers book, I expect to finish CUT NOSE. This is a historical/western novel about the Dakota War of 1862 that took place near Mankato, Minnesota. This was a horrifying and fascinating event in American history and not a lot has been written about it. Readers who enjoyed GRIT and the Comanche Sunset books of the Law Wranglers series should find this novel exciting and interesting---at least that’s my hope.

Speaking of GRIT, this novel has been our most successful book commercially and has drawn many readers to my other titles.  GRIT was the best-selling book in Amazon’s Western Classics division for over a month and led other categories at various times. I did not personally consider GRIT my best work, but fortunately, many western readers disagreed and made this what some might call a “break-out” book. I can’t thank my readers enough for their support of my writing efforts.

Special thanks also to my publisher, Leafcutter Publishing Group, Inc., now printing my novels under the Uplands Press imprint for paving the way to putting my books in front of more readers.

Best wishes and good reading.